f r a g m e n t s 1/6A Study in Pink

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List of favorite films: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

There are people who forget what it’s like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen, and know these will all be stories someday, and our pictures will become old photographs, and we’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad, but right now these moments are not stories.

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make me choose:
bradzjames asked: Merlin s1 or Merlin s5

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(1/1) Quote

Hello, old friend. And here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well and were very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you, always. Sometimes I do worry about you though. I think once we’re gone you won’t be coming back here for awhile. And you might be alone. Which you should never be. Don’t be alone, Doctor. And do one more thing for me. There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived. And save a whale in outer space. Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond.  A n d  t h i s  i s  h o w  i t  e n d s .

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the girl who waited.

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Domhnall Gleeson photographed by Annie Leibovitz, for Vogue, 2014

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countdown to mockingjay part one: 98 more days

"I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go."

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dante (by ra kojić)

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Say “Hi tumblr!” (x) Video credit to my bestie Jen

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A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away.

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